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Hi! I am Francia Benson, Social Media Strategist, Content Creator, Video Producer & Photographer. 

Media Management

I analyze the brand’s social media audiences and develop a strategy tailored to them. Then,I distribute the content through social channels and monitor its performance, engagement, and community conversations. In a nutshell, I plan, develop and implement companies’ social media strategies..

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Content Creation

I plan, create, deliver, and manage content using text and visuals. It includes social media posts, blog posts, and product descriptions. I first will define your target audience and your objectives. Once the audience and goals are established, I will analyze through what channels deliver the content to reach potential clients and maximize profits.

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Photography & Video

Pink Camera

I am an experienced photographer and video creator. I believe photographs give life to any text and that visuals are vital to catching the reader’s attention. I style photoshoots and edit pictures. I specialize in product photography, portrait, and landscape. I create videos from the idea to the final deliverable product..Read more