About Me

Hello all!

I am Francia Benson (Like the country France). I am a film director. I am currently working on the short film “Our Lives at the Cottage.” I am an artist, social media strategist, writer, journalist, and photographer. The beauty around me inspires me to create art through different mediums. I take pleasure in narrating people’s lives through story devices and mixing them with visuals. I have 10+ writing experience and 8+ social media and blogging experience. I am the adventurous mind behind Vagabond Brunette.



Master’s Degree in English/Creative Writing. Weber State University.

Teaching and Rhetoric Graduate Certificate. Weber State University.

Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Media Arts. The University of Utah.

Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication/Journalism. The University of Utah

Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality/Education. Universidad Pedagogica Nacional Francisco Morazan.



Spanish & English.


Curious Facts About Me:

  • I believe traveling is the best way to learn from other cultures and get to know oneself. I aim to visit the 50 states, the 62 national parks, and as many countries as possible. So far, I have been to 10 states, 13 national parks, and 6 countries. 
  • I prefer oceans and mountains to big cities. 
  • I survived covid twice and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which was triggered by covid.



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