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Social Media Portfolio


Content Creation

Tourism campaign for Visit Golden Colorado.

Objectives: Create content to increase awareness about Golden City & manage content by sharing through different social media channels. 

In this campaign, I participated as an influencer, content creator, photographer, video producer, and content manager.

I visited several touristic places and took photos and videos. Afterward, I created two blog posts and shared the content through social med 

Why You Should Be Planning a Trip to Golden Colorado.

Visit Golden

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Top Reasons to Visit Golden Colorado

Old Trains.

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Save the Wild Horses Campaign

Horses. Mom and baby eating.

Objective: Produce content to create awareness with the goal to save the wild horses in the State of Utah.

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Content Creation for Blog

A beach in Miami.

Objective: Create content to promote tourism in Miami. 


Social Media Management

Kathie Rae Photos Before 

Kathie Rae Photos Before.

Katie Rae Photos needed a revamp. Under my guidance, Kathie changed the username to one that was catchy and easy to remember. She also improved the bio information following my suggestions. I then planned a strategy, created posts, did copywriting, and researched theme-related hashtags. I processed to change the primary photo and created highlights.

Copywriting for Kathie Rae Photos

A woman and a white horse.

Horses offer a friendship that lasts a lifetime. They develop a deep bond with their humans. Sami found Bigby when he was a pony, and they have been together ever since. That’s the definition of true love!


Copywriting for Freenzy Freakie Gloves

A woman wearing gloves.

Baby, it is cold outside! I love these retro gems gloves, they keep my hands warm, and they are so cool. I am an outdoorsy gal and don’t like being stopped by anything. They are great to protect my hands and wrists from the freezing weather, so I don’t suffer more pain because of arthritis. They have a rad design and change colors when they are cold. I am wearing the unicorn ones.
Head to @freezyfreakies to get yours!

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Kathie Rae Photos After

Kathie Rae Photos After

One of the content strategies was to plan the posts in a way that the feed looked more cohesive and aesthetically pleasant.


Copywriting for Kathie Rae Photos


It simply cannot be possible to measure the happiness that fills the heart of a soon-to-be mom. The soft kicks of her child draw a smile on her face and sparkles in her eyes. To become a mom is to find your forever person.


Copywriting for My Place Hotels in Saint George

Two boys in a pool.

Another reason to stay at My Place in St. George is the refreshing pool. It is family-friendly and clean. My kids loved it, especially baby Liam who wanted me to let go of him to swim by himself. Aren’t my kids adorable? My Place Hotels are affordable and comfortable.

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Copywriting for My Place Hotel Las Vegas

A woman in a bed.

From St. George, I headed to Vegas. I stayed at @myplacehotels I loved the view of my room, big white clouds, and a beautiful blue sky. The My Place hotel in Vegas has a barbecue area to make carne asada! It is close to shops and restaurants, but away from the noise and chaos.

Social Media Strategy Results for My Place Hotels

My Place Hotel The result of the social media strategy I created for My Place Hotels was that the post got positioned at the top of several hashtags. For instance, Girls Love Globe, with 202k, the post got into the first 12.

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Copywriting for Conestoga Ranch. 

A wagon.

TGF! Put your bikini on and head to Bear Lake! Fellow travelers spend the night at Conestoga Ranch. It is such a fantastic experience sleeping in a luxury tent or a wagon. Glamping is camping in comfort.

Social Media Strategy Results for My Place Hotels

My Place Hotel Travel Trip.   It got in the 12 top within the Travel Trip hashtag among 133k photos. 

Social Media Strategy Results for My Place Hotels

It got in the 12 top within the Travel Influencer hashtag among 113k. 




Social Media Strategy Results Turquoise Creative Media

Turquoise Creative MediaA photo I took, and posted got to the top 12 within the Utah Photographer hashtag among 769k.